Available Counties & Pricing

Available Counties
Following is a list of counties currently online.  Counties where East Texas Title Companies is licensed are indicated with an asterisk (*).  In these counties, our records are licensed and audited by the Texas Department of Insurance; they have been extensively scrubbed for consistency and accuracy.  As we bring new, non-owned counties online, our staff works to "scrub" the data, including the geographic and grantor/grantee fields, to enable more reliable indexing.  

RecordsOnline charges a flat hourly rate to use our online records. We bill in 15 minute increments1. Just as when you visit a physical abstract plant, you can do as many searches as you'd like and view as many documents as you like, all for the same hourly rate.  You will find in many counties our hourly rates are actually less than those charged by other companies.  There are no weekly or monthly subscriptions; you pay only for what you use. 

RecordsOnline pricing varies by industry and level of service.
Landmen and Brokers, please contact Tom Williams for industry-specific pricing.
Underwriters, please contact Erica Hallmark for industry-specfic pricing.
Lenders, Realtors, Surveyors and others, please contact Michelle Miller for industry-specific pricing.

Special rates are available for large, long-term projects or for Flowers Davis, PLLC clients.  Please contact us
to see if you qualify.

Title Plant
County Start Date End Date Copies/ Runsheets Document Retrieval5 District Clerk Appraisal District
  Angelina 1958  Current $1/page $25/$50 Link Link
* Brazos  1967 Current $1/page $25/$50 Link Link
* Cherokee Sovereignty Current $1/page $25/$50 Link Link
* Gregg 12/14/1972 Current $1/page $25/$50 Link Link
  Index only 2 10/11/1949 1972   $25/$50    
Grimes 4 1985 Current $1/page $25/$50 Link Link
  Index only 2 1967 Current   $25/$50    
* Harrison Sovereignty Current $1/page $25/$50 Link Link
* Hunt 8/30/1973 Current $1/page $25/$50 Link Link
* Kaufman 1/1/1979 Current $1/page $25/$50 Link Link
Lee 1874  Current $1/page N/A  Link  Link 
Leon 1/3/1950 Current $1/page N/A Link Link
Madison  1955 Current $1/page N/A Link Link
* Marion 1/28/1976 Current $1/page $25/$50 Link Link
  Index only 2 Late 1800's 1976   $25/$50    
  Images only 3 8/15/1936 1/28/1976 $1/page $25/$50    
* Panola 9/10/1936 Current $1/page $25/$50 Link Link
* Rains 3/23/1960 Current $1/page $25/$50 Link Link
* Rusk 01/01/1961 Current $1/page $25/$50 Link Link
  Images only 3 4/28/1919 12/31/1960 $1/page $25/$50    
Shelby   1882  Current  $1/page  N/A Link  Link 
* Smith 9/1/1981 Current $1/page $25/$50 Link Link
* Upshur 4/6/1978 Current $1/page $25/$50 Link Link
  Index only 2 4/13/1926 4/6/1978   $25/$50    
  Images only 3 4/17/1936 4/6/1978 $1/page $25/$50    
* Van Zandt 12/2/1970 Current $1/page $25/$50 Link Link
  Images only 3 11/17/1924 12/2/1970 $1/page $25/$50    
Walker4 1997 Current $1/page $25/$50 Link Link
  Index only 2 1960 Current   $25/$50    
* Wood 12/28/1959 Current $1/page $25/$50 Link Link
  Images only 3 12/10/1936 12/27/1959 $1/page $25/$50    
  Yoakum  9/1986   Current  1/page $25/50  Link Link 
1 There is a one hour minimum within each 24-hour period, measured in 15-minute increments.  After that, billing is in 15-minute increments.  See FAQs for more details.  Each new user's first hour is free. 
Index-only databases work like a traditional "card plant" with basic transaction and property info available
Images-only databases require Vol/Page info to search.  
In counties with both index-only and image-only databases, you can run indices in one and view images in the other.
No licensed ETTC plant.  Search criteria and reliability of records is contingent upon County Clerk's records.  Grantor/Grantee and Vol/Page searches available; most have limited geographic indexing as well.
Document retrieval is $25 per document if we have the image in our database; the $50 fee applies to District Clerk or other documents that require our personnel to travel to the courthouse or other office to retrieve. Standard copy fees apply.